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Hebraic Christian Community

An untapped dynamic force exists around the world in the Christian believers who have been impelled by the Holy Spirit to return to the faith of Jesus and the apostles by restoring the church’s Hebraic foundations.

This latent force is an unvoiced multitude made up of scattered and isolated individuals and small communities that need, even yearn, to join together in a more consolidated witness–in this case, to the truth about Christianity’s long-obscured biblical roots.

Many–if not most–of those who have begun to investigate the roots of their faith and to find practical ways on implementing those truths in their lives and in the lives of their communities have found themselves experiencing the “Elijah Syndrome.” They think they are all alone in a cave in an isolated desert, with the howling winds of insanity whipping at their flagging spirits. They also tend to wonder if a Jezebel is not in hot pursuit, seeking to destroy them. Someone needs to speak God’s Word to this situation: “Thousands have not bowed their knee to Baal!”

Hebraic Christian Global Community proposes to be such a comforting and challenging voice, and we propose to do it as a still, small voice of affirmation, not a thundering tempest of condemnation and judgmentalism.

We propose to help all the believers in the world understand that their faith in inherently Jewish because it is faith in the Jewish Messiah, anchored in the Jewish Scriptures, established in the God of the Jews, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. As Jesus said, we understand that this “salvation is from the Jews.” We understand that every authentic expression of Christian faith that is being experienced by believers everywhere has a Jewish root. All we have to do is to help our fellow Christians discover these truths for themselves. As we perceive the need of God’s people and the timing of God’s move to meet that need, we find that we are aligning ourselves with God’s purposes in the earth. We do so in awe of the responsibility that this calling entails, and we do so with great humility, recognizing that, in biblical terms, we have been called as stewards of the mysteries of God and the servants of all of God’s people. Meeting the human need for spiritual renewal is the highest calling in the service of God and humanity.

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