Program Overview

Prerequisite: An Associate’s Degree or at least 60 semester hours of Christian, Bible Study, Ministry, Theology college credits.

The Bachelor of Theology (BT) is the final two years of the student’s undergraduate study. Students may receive advanced standing in the program through transfer credits. The BT program consists of training in key Bible books, key doctrines, and foundational ministry preparation courses. Most courses will involve traditional final exams.

The Bachelor of Theology program is an advance-at-your-own-pace program. Most students will complete the program in two years. Students are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to advance into the Ceiba Institute graduate programs. Upon completion of the BT program, the student is eligible to enroll directly into any one of the several Ceiba Institute graduate programs.

Bachelor of Theology Degree Requirements:

Number  Course  Credit

OR-111  Orientation *   1

BI-116  Dispensationalism   3

BI-222  Bible Study Methods *   2

BI-362  Homiletics   3

BI-634  Daniel   3

BN-119  Ephesians   3

BN-347  Gospel of John   3

BN-348  The Gospel of Luke   3

BN-468  Hebrews II   3

BN-521  Philippians   3

BN-644  Revelation   3

BO-101  Genesis   3

BO-137  Zachariah   3

BO-372  Isaiah   3

BO-456  Jeremiah   3

MI-174  Denominational Distinctives   3

MI-332  Islam   3

MI-491  Roman Catholicism   3

MI-413  Missions   3

PR-614  Practicum   P/F

SL-534  Christian Ethics   3

TH-489  Doctrine of God   3

TH-536 Doctrine of Last Things   3

Total     60-63

* Orientation and Bible Study Methods are only taken once.