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CEIBA specializes in enhanced due diligence through expert researchers and analysts, as well as tech-driven instant screening and ongoing monitoring of our clients’ entire portfolios of third parties—be they investors, suppliers, distributors, partners, portfolio companies, board members, or C-Suite executives.


We specialize in creating custom-tailored background screening programs for Talent Acquisition, Medical Staff Offices and Volunteer Departments to consolidate vendors and guarantee process improvement. In addition to traditional background screening services, CEIBA also offers occupational health services, fingerprinting, drug screening electronic Form I-9’s and Mergers & Acquisitions service.


University systems, colleges, and institutes of higher education present their own distinctive needs for screening solutions. Ensuring a safe and productive environment for students and faculty is the top priority. Implementing an organization-wide background screening policy allows educational institutions to provide security for both employees and students alike while protecting its reputation and integrity.


Government agencies and their contractors present unique background check and drug screening needs. Purchasers and the users they support are often saddled with budget constraints, strict legal and purchasing regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and other complexities impacting decision-making. CEIBA has the experience of partnering with government entities and understands their unique challenges.

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