Church Members: 

          The Saint James the Greater Church of God invites and welcomes all believers desiring membership 

          and fellowship in the church family. 

                                The Saint James the Greater Church of God also offers 

                     individual credentials for faithful church service at three different levels


          This credential will be issued to those with a qualified fulltime call that is transferable between ministries 

          and congregations to lifetime service in the Kingdom. A Master’s, or studying towards a Master's level 

          Diploma in Bible Study or Theology is a requirement for this credential level.

          General License: 

          This credential is for ministers who are serving under the ministry of a local church or para-church ministry. 

          A second category of general licensing will be issued to an individual moving towards ordination but who 

          has yet to fully satisfy all of the five criteria. A Bachelor’s, or studying towards a Bachelor's, level Diploma in 

          Bible Study or Theology is a requirement for this credential level.

          Special License: 

          This credential will normally be issued to those with a special call to a specific Christian ministry that requires 

          professional credentialing but does not include official pastoral duties such as performing weddings etc. 

          (Examples: teacher in Christian school, prison ministry, etc.). An Associate’s, or studying towards an Associate's, 

          level Diploma in Bible Study or Theology is a requirement for this level.

          Congregational Affiliate: 

          This association with the Saint James the Greater Church of God is available to those individuals participating 

          in a Saint James the Greater Church of God ministry or training program but who do not require a credential 

          to serve in their ministry.

          If you are interested in applying for ministerial credentials with Saint James the Greater Church of God, 

          please contact us with a short message indicating your interest in the discernment process and ordination 

          process. We also offer, and can provide, resources for Biblical and Theological Studies at the Associate, 

          Bachelor and Master levels appropriate for church Service or personal enrichment.

          Saint James the Greater Church of God is NOT currently accepting applications from ministers outside of 

          the United States or Canada. We will post information on our website when this policy changes.