Shalom and blessings to all our Learning Partners

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the courses starting on October 4, 2021 to December 30, 2021. Cut-off for Fall Registration is September 24, 2021. Year-round academic scheduling does not allow for late registration. Please register on time

Please note that all new students registered for a certificate or a degree program must register for the OR-111 Orientation course and the Bible Study Methods course as their first courses. They are to be completed first. The Orientation course will introduce you to the Institute and guide you in earning credit hours for completing requirements toward your program of choice. The Bible Study Methods is a richly informative introduction to Bible study. All first-time students can register for two more courses for the maximum of 9 hours of credit.

                        Course                                       Credits

OR 111   Orientation                                     1 hour   credit

BI   222  Bible Study Methods                      2 hours credit    

Open courses for this annual session are:

BO 101  Old Testament History                    3 hours credit

BN 101  New Testament History                   3 hours credit

SL  101  Christian Spirituality                        3 hours credit

The courses will be offered for the Fall 2021 session. You can register for a maximum of three courses or up to 9 hours of credit per session. You can complete each course for three hours of credit and all course credits can be used towards future studies for our Certificates and Degree Programs. Registration dates will be announced prior to each quarter of the school year.

Each student in the Institute is assigned an advisor who guides and supports the student's learning journey. The average time frame for completion of each course is eight weeks. The academic year is divided into four sessions, and each session is approximately 3 months in length. Most courses requires reflection papers, replies, a book review, a reading report and an activity / project work to demonstrate comprehension of reading and research assignments. Students must also complete a mid-term and a final exam or paper.

You may enroll in any course offered by the Institute by first, submitting a complete Application for Admission form with a $25.00 application fee. After admission is granted, you can register for your desired course(s). Tuition for all courses is $50.00 per hour of credit. 

Request Application for Admission and Registration Form here.

New 2021-2022 Institute Catalog and Student Handbook available in June 2021.

"Ceiba Institute for Biblical Studies is committed to excellence in biblical and theological education in a creative and meaningful way to meet the needs of our learners and our communities."

-     Alfred Gonzalez, DD, LCAS, CCS