Ceiba Intelligent Solutions

Solutions and Services

Ceiba provides intelligent solutions for your most critical requirements by delivering a select group of comprehensive and integrative services to businesses, organizations, government, military and individual consumers.

Ceiba's unique ability to provide you a means of integrating our select group of services across your Range Of Business Operations (ROBO) not only makes Ceiba Group a significant services provider but also a critical services multiplier.


Ceiba will provide timely pre-employment screening and background checks for new and existing employees in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and local regulations, to include, but not limited to: Previous employment verification, Salary history, Criminal record check, Education verification. Reference checks, Professional license verification, Verification of residence, Family and neighbor verification, and Credit history.

Ceiba obtains and verifies information regarding applicants for new employment and for current employees, with the knowledge and consent of the applicant.


As a leader in drug testing technology, Ceiba is dedicated to providing the most advanced platforms available for hiring professionals, resulting in tangible cost savings for companies. Our random drug testing platform automates the administration process through an integrated application that links supervisor, manager, collection site, and donor.

Employers establish the protocols and criteria for each donor pool, which automatically triggers manager notifications when specific donors are pulled to be tested according to the pool’s criteria. This advanced automation gives HR personnel an electronic application to process the details of the random program, and lightens their workload for other duties


Ceiba will provide either electronic fingerprint submissions or inked fingerprint cards based on the needs of the individual seeking the service. Electronic fingerprint submissions are submitted directly to the appropriate investigating agency. Inked fingerprint cards are returned to the customer for submission purposes.

Electronic fingerprint submissions require an Electronic Fingerprint Submission Release of Information form and an Applicant Information Form. Electronic submissions can only be completed for the appropriate investigating agency. The individual will be given the physical fingerprint card. Responses based on fingerprint submissions are sent to the requesting authority; Ceiba Group does not have access to or receive these responses.


  • Notary Public
  • Event Planning
  • Process Service
  • Professional Development Training
  • Filing Legal Documents with the Courts
  • Document Retrieval from Courts and other Agencies